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About Us

The Road To Integrated Health

The Centre of Integrated Health is built upon the foundation pillar of human connection. Our approach is to view each person as an entire ecosystem and not as a set of isolated symptoms. We offer professional guidance & provide a space for you to heal from pain & injuries, whether their origin be mechanical, postural, emotional, cognitive, or as is often the case, a combination of all of the factors that make up life. 


Our integrated approach means that each person we welcome through our doors has the opportunity to explore their human potential through gaining an understanding of their unique embodied experience. This involves learning about and changing the way you interact with your anatomy, emotions, thoughts, biomechanics & movement, gut health, hormonal health and much more. 

Meet The Team

CIH Sundip.webp

Sundip Balraj Singh Aujla

Injury Rehabilitation Specialist
Trainee Psychotherapist
Trainee Clinical Hypnotherapist

Stepping Stones0215 BW.heic

Amelia Christie

Trainee Psychotherapist
Trainee Clinical Hypnotherapist


Natasha Ratcliffe

Pilates Instructor
Private Tuition
Group Classes



Yoga Teacher
Group Classes

Cih Lesya_edited_edited.jpg

Lesya Tyminska

Yoga Teacher
Group Classes

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