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Amelia Christie

Trainee Psychotherapist
Trainee Clinical Hypnotherapist

In my early thirties I believed I could be super-mom to my three young children while handling all the responsibilities of running and financing a home . Unsurprisingly I lost my joie de vivre and broke down from exhaustion; Acupuncture helped restore me to  good health and driven by a new desire to share these benefits with others, I decided to qualify as an acupuncturist and obtained my degree from Westminster University in 2008. 

The theory and science behind Chinese medicine fascinated me so I returned to university to obtain a Masters in Chinese Herbal Medicine and to learn more about  energy flow through Qigong Tuina, an ancient form of massage. With this knowledge I can better understand my patients and improve my diagnostic ability.


In my practice I treat patients with a wide range of issues from musculoskeletal problems to anxiety and depression. I have worked on post-stroke recovery, chronic conditions and specialise in all issues related to female reproductive health, from the first menstrual cycle to the last and beyond. Helping to balance hormonal cycles, improve regularity, reduce cramps and softening the delights of PMS!

I have worked extensively with women trying to conceive and supported their journey through IVF if that is needed.


In my drive to help patients heal I look through a holistic lens, exploring their physical, mental and emotional dimensions. Often finding a relationship with past trauma and suppressed emotions. Recognising both psychoneuroimmunological factors and the mind body connection has led me to my current studies in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.


My practice as a therapist is nourished by a thirst for scientific explanation, 15 years experience working in the field, in addition to my empathetic nature and everlasting curiosity about the human body and psyche. 

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