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Yoga Teacher
Group Classes

Sarah is a 500hr RYT who completed her teacher training with Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher Stewart Gilchrist of East London School of Yoga (ELSY). She teaches dynamic, high-energy Vinyasa Flow classes which focus on linking breath and movement.


All classes are themed and incorporate breathwork, meditation, playlists, opt-in head massages during savasana (rest at the end), use of props, hands-on adjustments (also opt in), Yoga philosophy and history, Sanskrit, mantra, and elements of Yoga Nidra. Sarah hopes to spread the message that Yoga is not just about the physical postures (asana), but also about breath, community, positive change and freedom through discipline.


Yoga is a journey rooted in ahimsa (non-harming) and a practice which goes well beyond the mat. She is passionate about sharing a variety of tools and skills to help you work through challenging situations both in class and everyday life, including meditation, asana (physical postures), breathwork and mantra.

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