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Our Team

The Centre of Integrated Health is built upon the foundation pillar of human connection.
Our approach is to view each person as an entire ecosystem and not as a set of isolated
symptoms. We offer professional guidance & provide a space for you to heal from pain &
injuries, whether their origin be mechanical, postural, emotional, cognitive, or as is often
the case, a combination of all of the factors that make up life.

Our Practitioners & Instructors


Sundip Balraj Singh Aujla - Osteopath (M.Ost)

Sundip is a registered Osteopath and director of BODY - a clinic specialising in pain management, Osteopathy and Clinical Pilates.


He specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and management of muscular & skeletal injuries and post-operative rehabilitation, using a gentle, effective and long-lasting approach to treatment. He is also currently studying at a Masters Level in the fields of Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy.


He has 10 years of clinical experience of treating a diverse range of patients such as city office workers with postural-dysfunctions, expectant mothers, professional ballet & contemporary dancers, artists and musicians from across the world.


His particular interest is in forming a highly personable relationship with every patient and helping to relieve pain arising from a broad variety of issues, such as dysfunctional posture, injury rehabilitation, chronic pain and pregnancy. His current scope of practice combines Osteopathic care with clinical Pilates and psychological support to provide 360-degree care for every client. He is dedicated to helping you gain an in-depth understanding of your body whilst providing advanced solutions for synchronising body and mind.


Aside from working as a clinician, Sundip also teaches workshops on posture, nutrition, pain psychology, movement and health maintenance to the wider public and advanced level courses in Anatomy & Physiology to Pilates teachers.


Natasha Ratcliffe - Clinical Pilates Teacher

Natasha was formally a dancer, she trained at Bird College Theatre School and has always had a high awareness of the body and a love for movement. During her time as a dancer, she started to explore Pilates to keep her body healthy and also to rehabilitate her own injuries. She continued the practice as she finished her dance career and secured a position in an office role with The London Ambulance Service. It was during this time she learnt the true importance of movement and the impact it has on your wellbeing.

Having decided that she wanted to use this knowledge and share this with others, she began her journey to become a fully accredited Pilates Teacher by studying with the prestigious Polestar Pilates UK. After she completed her training, she began working with clients 1-1 to focus on their specific requirements & goals, as well as teaching groups in studios. She loves teaching and feels extremely passionate about helping others to find a deeper connection within their body to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

To further her anatomical knowledge, she completed a Level 3 Diploma in Massage Therapy, Anatomy & Physiology and has spent many months shadowing an osteopath to better understand common injuries and pathologies and how best to approach them using the Pilates method. She is now continuing her studies with Polestar and currently doing her comprehensive teacher training on all of the Pilates apparatus to further her skills and knowledge in rehabilitation.

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Amelia Christie - Acupuncturist 

Amelia Christie is a highly qualified Registered Acupuncturist specialising in Traditional Chinese acupuncture (TCM) with over 15 years of clinical experience. Amelia’s aim is to help anybody through life with a special focus on couples trying to conceive. She holds degrees in Psychology (BA), Acupuncture and Chinese medicine (BSc), Chinese Herbal Medicine (Msc) and a diploma in Qigong Tuina (Chinese energy massage). She is currently in the early stages of a new training in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

“I’d always been curious about Chinese medicine but I never felt I had the need for it—or in other words, I had no idea what it could treat. 


I was in my early thirties when my life started to fall apart. I’d been playing super woman successfully taking care of six kids but ended up completely worn out. Life stopped feeling wonderful. And so when someone suggested acupuncture to me the idea of feeling better by lying down and having a doctor stimulate my points seemed incredibly attractive. 


I received a long course of treatment (12 weeks) and rediscovered my joie de vivre. I wasn’t just coping anymore, I was a highly functioning, creative and driven individual again. 


The results were so undeniable the next step seemed obvious, I had to go and study it. That was 20 years ago. Today, acupuncture still seems to me an endless fountain of knowledge, wisdom and power and it’s what I’m grateful for devoting my life to.”

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